Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is CareLink Rewards?
Answer: Designed with you in mind, CareLink Rewards provides the smarter way to a healthier lifestyle. This program offers a complete package of benefits that equip our customers with all of the necessary tools to reach their health and wellness goals and maintain the lifestyle they have always wanted. CareLink Rewards includes our CareLink Medical Alert Service, a 24/7 Nurse Hotline, Online Doctors, Workout Videos & Guides, a Health Information Library, a Monthly Health Reward, a Grocery Reward, a Monthly Dining Reward, Customized Meal Plans, Diet Guides & Tips, Fresh Grown Foods, an Online Health Manager, Nutrition Resources, and Bonus Savings & Deals. 

Question: How Do I contact Customer Services?
Answer: At CareLink Rewards your total satisfaction is important to us!  We're committed to providing an awesome customer experience, hassle-free services, and helping customers squeeze the most out of their account! You can call Customer Services at 1-888-243-0978.  Their hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 8:00AM - 5:00PM CST.

Question: How long does it take to activate my benefits?
Answer: As a customer, you'll enjoy instant access to the program benefits.

Question: How do I access the benefits?
Answer: We want you to use your benefits as much as possible. And we make it easy. Once you enroll and become a customer you'll receive a welcome letter and brochure from CareLink Rewards.  These materials will include full details on how to access your customer benefits, like your username and password for the CareLink Rewards website.    


Question:  I have questions about my CareLink Medical Alert Service
Our knowledgeable and caring Support Center operators are always available to determine what level of assistance you need, and contact family, friends, or medical personnel to respond to you as soon as possible.  Have a question about the CareLink Medical Alert Service?  Call 1-800-525-6237, and select Option 3.  Need help installing your CareLink Medical Alert Service?  Call 1-800-525-6237, and select Option 3.

QuestionHow do I login to my account?
Answer: Your username is your ten digit telephone number, and your password is your five digit zip code. Just click here to visit the login page.

Question: Does CareLink Rewards cover my entire family?
Answer: Yes. All customers of your household are entitled to enjoy your CareLink Rewards account benefits.

Question: Is CareLink Rewards insurance?
Answer: No.  CareLink Rewards is not insurance.  No benefit in CareLink Rewards is insurance.

Question: What does my CareLink Rewards account cost? 
Answer:  Your CareLink Rewards account is a free health, wellness, savings, and reward program made available to you as a value-added service associated with your CareLink Medical Alert service.

Question: Is there a total limit on my savings or benefits?
Answer: No. There are no caps or limits on how much you use the program, or how much you save. We encourage you to use the program as much as you can, and to save as much as you can!

Question: Can CareLink Rewards be used in conjunction with other discounts?
Answer: Typically, no. CareLink Rewards discounts and deals may not be combined with other promotional discounts or deals on the same benefits, savings, retailers, or services. These include discount-priced daily specials, sale items, senior citizen rates, early-bird specials, etc. These discounts are exclusive, and may not be combined with awards, programs, other discount-dining programs or offers.

Question: What's the catch?
Answer: With CareLink Rewards there is no catch! In fact, we've designed this to be an excellent hassle-free experience! We've taken the hassle out of getting on track to a healthier lifestyle and made it fun and easy by doing all the legwork for you. There are no catches, no hoops to jump through, no hidden fees and no hassles.

Question: How do I cancel?
Answer: We work very hard to insure the CareLink Rewards is full of great value for you. If you're not fully satisfied, you can cancel whenever you want. You can cancel online, or over the phone. In order to cancel online you need to first log in. Once you are logged in click on "My Account", and you will find cancellation information on that page. You can also call Customer Services at 1-888-243-0978.  Their hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 8:00AM - 5:00PM CST.